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Brian LoringLoring Wine Company
Brian Loring

Loring Wine CompanyAfter the untimely crash of the Llama Farming Industry in the mid 90s, I decided to place my remaining nest egg (about yoke size) in a much safer investment – a winery.  I chose to make Pinot Noir since that was pretty much all I liked to drink – except for Champagne.  The smartest thing I did was to brazenly copy everything that Adam and Dianna Lee did at Siduri.  After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? 

I kept my day job writing military software as the winery grew.  Torpedoes, Missiles, and Pinot – oh my!  I like to think that I was keeping the world safe for Pinot Noir.  After securing incriminating photos of some of the top reviewers in the country, the winery rocketed to fame.  So much so that I was able to quite my day job and go full time wine in 2005.  Today, I live the life of the gentleman winemaker… while my sister, Kimberly, does all the work.

What else?  I’m 5’9”, brown hair, blue eyes, and no distinguishing facial scars.  I’m not a fan of long walks on the beach – I’d rather sit on the couch with a nice glass of bubbly and watch Pulp Fiction of the 300th time.  And I still copy everything that Adam Lee does!





Beneficiary Charities

Beneficiary Charities



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