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David Arthur Vineyard
David Long of David Arthur VineyardsDavid Long

Located on the hillsides above Rutherford Bench in Napa Valley, David Arthur Vineyards is surrounded on all sides by wineries such as Chappellet Vineyards, Dalla Valle Vineyards, Harrison, Colgin and Bryant. Not a bad neighborhood for making wine. This location combined with David’s viticultural background and winemaking capabilities has put David Arthur Vineyards on equal footing with its neighbors.

Up until 1985, David and his brother, Bob, had been farmers, selling their grapes to various wineries in Napa Valley. Deciding to make their own wine, they converted a small barn used for storing vineyard equipment into a winery. They gained access to winemaking equipment with the help of friends and were off to the races. What David and Bob discovered is there’s no substitute for experience.

Well, experience has paid off. Over the last 20 years David has created a winery that is recognized as one of the best in Napa Valley. David’s drive to excel and thirst for knowledge have proven vital in this transformation.




Beneficiary Charities

Beneficiary Charities



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